Mason Lynass

Hi there, I'm Mason!

I'm a software engineer and generative musician currently living in Seattle, WA.

headshot of Mason Lynass

I'm currently working as a freelance software engineer & web developer, building websites for clients and learning new skills & languages by developing personal projects. I like to use JavaScript & TypeScript, React.js, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, SQL & PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, and Git. Right now I'm working on an AWS Cloud Certification, learning some Python, and adding new features and updates to my personal projects.

I've performed original generative electronic music, given recitals of contemporary percussion repertoire, played drums in various pop & rock bands, and performed at festivals and concert halls across the country. I've worked as a sound designer, engineer, and music producer with film production studios, independent artists, podcast productions, and other freelance clients.

I earned a Master of Music degree at the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of North Texas, studying percussion performance with renowned faculty including Bonnie Whiting, Christopher Deane, Ed Soph, and Paul Rennick. I completed a 15-week Full-Stack Software Engineering bootcamp through the Flatiron School in January 2023.