Mason Lynass

I've performed, composed, produced, recorded, and collaborated on all kinds of musical projects.

I've arranged some highlights but feel free to dig through the comprehensive list I've compiled at the bottom of this page.

Check out my most recent track "Industrial Oasis"

Taylor Pelella made some beautiful visuals for this track. I made this music for an art show called Industrial Oasis.

listen to "stargazing" on Bandcamp

more information about my process of music production, programming in my DAW, generative & procedural music, and more on the sound design page.

Live at Modular Nights

One of my favorite live performances I've ever given. This track happened to be so fun and powerful, and the visuals really took it to the next level.

Check out my album
Music for an Ordinary Day

My new music has become slower and more open since this album came out a year ago. I still love to come back to these tunes, especially when I'm performing on stage for an audience.

Live at the Racer Sessions

This is my first performance of my generative music, at the Racer Sessions in Seattle.

Tone Squad - music for sync licensing

Tone Squad is Jesse Miller and myself, making stock music to be used for sync licensing purposes. We created ten original tracks in contrasting styles to showcase our versatility and hone our production skills in new genres.

march 2021 EP

This is the first bit of music I made in Ableton Live and released under my own name. More info about these works on the Bandcamp page.

I played drums & percussion and occasionally sang and played keyboard parts in Señor Fin. We met at college in Texas and moved up to Seattle together, making music as a band for a decade. I learned so much about the music industry, recording, communication, and friendship with these guys.

I played drums and helped write songs in Hat Hair, an indie rock band that made music in Texas and Seattle.

I played drums and sang in this indie rock trio. Hannah and Izzi let me produce, record, and mix this record and I'm grateful for the learning opportunity.

I write songs, play instruments, and add my voice to Supertown, in collaboration with John Rusch, Jesse Miller, and Alex Naughton.

While I worked towards my Masters degree at the University of Washington, I developed an interest in live looping, inspired by loopers like BinkBeats, Reggie Watts, and Marc Rebillet.

My live looping projects helped me to become familiar with Ableton Live, and I learned about automation, scripting, and all kinds of related music technology ideas.

more info about my live looping on the Audio Engineering page.


This piece won the Portland Percussion Group Call for Scores in 2017, and is composed with flexibility in mind: it can be performed as a quartet, or a trio (without the drumset part).

All audio/video recording, editing, and performance by me!

I wrote this original mini composition, "Scheduled Worrying Time," for Yaz Lancaster's "one in one" call for scores.

It's a listening & breathing meditation for a stressful time in the world.

if you're feeling nosy, here's a list of everything I've recorded that exists on the internet.